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Step into the electrifying universe of Dave Dantu, where rock music isn’t just played—it’s lived. As

the dynamic host of “THE Ride” on Bulldogs Radio every Sunday morning,

Dave doesn’t just spin tracks; he crafts journeys.

Each show is a meticulously curated expedition through the annals of rock,

designed to transport you straight to the heart of Rock Heaven.


Dave Dantu is more than a DJ; he’s a master storyteller who uses music as his narrative tool.

With every episode of “THE Ride,” he takes listeners on a sensory voyage,

blending legendary classics with hidden gems that evoke powerful memories and

ignite a sense of timeless euphoria. His deep passion for rock is palpable,

making each broadcast not just a listening experience, but a full-on rock odyssey.

Listeners can expect a tapestry of sound that paints vivid pictures of the past,

present, and future of rock music. Whether you’re reminiscing about the golden

days of rock or discovering new anthems that resonate with the same spirit,

Dave’s show promises an unparalleled auditory adventure.

Join Dave Dantu on Bulldogs Radio every Sunday morning and become part

of a community that celebrates the essence of rock.

Let him guide you through landscapes of sound where every riff, beat, and lyric tells a story.

Tune in, rock out, and get ready to ride. Welcome to Dave Dantu’s world—where rock is not just a genre,

but a way of life.