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Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa.  My husband and I moved to Luxembourg in 2022.  He travelled around Europe with his band Fade To Gray.  Eventually, we settled and  adopted Luxembourg as our new home.  Our Radio Station came to life and the band is still performing to this day.

 Co-owner and DJ at Bulldogs-Radio.  I started out my DJ career with Outcast Radio about 9 years ago.  It all happened because of a song that my husband wrote and performed with The Gran Dukes “Hallelujah”. It was just released when a DJ at Outcast Radio heard it and asked permission to play it on air.  Of Course, we all tuned in and thus started our journey in the world of Internet Radio.


Bulldogs Radio came to life in 2018.  My Bulldog “The Heepster” (named after Uriah Heep) was the inspiration. 

I love to play big music such as theatrical rock, rock, bluesrock, female vocals.   My show is called The Rockshop and is aired on Thursday evenings at 20H00 Station Time.