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DJ Queen B Presents Rock Nation from 05h00 to 08h00 Friday Station Time(Thursday 19h00 -22h00 PDT)

 Hello all. I am Susan aka Queen B. I wanted to start out by thanking a couple people for getting me started on the radio station and maybe
radio in general. I have been involved with music most of my life. I started when I was in junior high school in a small city in southern california.
During high school. I was in orchestra and band as well as marching band. I really enjoyed it. My thing now is fishing.I love to fish for bass.
Other hobbies include playing poker online and singing and playing the guitar. I have been playing poker for about 20 yrs off and on. Going back to music, I grew up with 70’s and 80’s heavy metal and
hard rock mucic. I hope this give everyone that reads this a little insight to me. Thanks all for the support!!!! Love ya all!!!

Susan AKA DJ Queen B

4:00 AM – 7:00 AM
(Thursday 19H00 – 22H00 PDT) Presented by DJ Queen B

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